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Resolving Your Divorce Case and Preparing Premarital Agreements Using Mediation

Liat Sadler helps people resolve all aspects of their divorce cases by acting as their mediator. She also uses the mediation process to help people draft premarital agreements before they get married. Mediation is a completely voluntary process that puts the decision-making power squarely in the hands of the people with the dispute. This can often be less scary and disempowering than delegating that power to a judge. In Ms. Sadler’s San Francisco divorce mediation office, she helps her clients gather the information that they need to make informed decisions. She gives the parties important information about what California law is regarding various issues that touch their unique situation. She sometimes brings in neutral financial professionals or child specialists when there’s a need for expertise in that practice area. Ms. Sadler helps the parties craft proposals to solve the problems that are facing them and their families.

When people vest decision-making power over an issue in their lives in a judge’s hands, that judge has a very limited amount of time to learn about the issues. With a crowded court docket, judges often do not have time or attention to deeply delve into the intimate issues that affect a divorcing couple or family. When an issue is presented to a court, the Court may decide to postpone hearing about that issue for quite a long time and require that the parties try to resolve the issue themselves before having a hearing on it. This can result in long delays in getting decisions. Mediation can help you cut through those long delays because it runs on a timeline that belongs to you and your spouse. At the same time, a divorce case that is resolved using a consensual dispute resolution process like mediation can only be resolved as quickly as the parties are ready to resolve it. This means that one person’s difficulty in facing the reality of a divorce can slow the process down. It’s in these circumstances that Ms. Sadler sometimes asks the parties’ permission to bring in a licensed marriage and family therapist to help her mediation clients move past some of the difficult emotional issues that are preventing them from coming to resolution.

You know far better than any outside person – including a judge – what’s best for your family. The difficult family dynamics that area leading to a divorce can obscure that knowledge. Bringing in a divorce mediator can help tremendously. Ms. Sadler does everything within her control to learn about the facts that pertain to an issue in her mediation clients’ cases. She listens carefully to her mediation clients, asks questions and reviews documents that her clients provide to her. Throughout that process, she helps her mediation clients focus on the goals that they have for their lives moving forward and to make proposals that meet those goals. She helps her mediation clients assess the proposals on the table, and ultimately to come to agreements.

As a mediator, Ms. Sadler helps the parties reach binding agreements and to put those agreements into writing. She drafts the paperwork that the Court needs in order to approve divorce judgments and all agreements between the parties that they want made into court orders.


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