Transforming conflict with knowledge and empathy
Liat Sadler


Sandino N.

I cannot speak more highly of Liat and Elisha’s efforts to help finalize my divorce. They were extremely thorough in capturing all relevant details, empathetic to my busy schedule yet persistent, and completely transparent throughout the entire process.

After flailing at multiple attempts to do it myself, I luckily was referred to Sadler Law through a mutual friend. Liat and Elisha took the time to understand the complexity of my situation, capture key objectives, and outline a clear plan to complete filing with full cost and timeline estimates. Her office sent detailed reminders and invoices promptly. Each step of the process I received guidance and felt comfortable reaching out with questions without feeling like I was being “nickel and dimed”. And as Liat took maternity leave (congrats again!) Elisha gracefully guided the process through completion.

I absolutely vouch for Liat, Elisha and Sadler Law for divorce filings and will engage them in the future for other family law matters. Thanks again!

Audra K.

The circumstances leading me to Mrs. Sadler’s care were not of the warm-and-fuzzy variety. Emotionally, I was a complete code red : a tangle of devastation and pain. This was an incredibly vulnerable time in my life however, I didn’t want to be coddled. I needed sound council from someone who would be straight with me and take the reigns – stat.

Liat immediately garnered every ounce of my trust – she was an instantaneous advocate and anchor. There was no question my wellbeing was her top priority – i was not about billable hours – she honored my humanity.

Throughout, I was repeatedly impressed with her palpable brilliance, decisive nature, unflappable style and irrepressible energy. Working together was effortless due to her vast level of competency, discerning ability to communicate clearly and ever-present compassion.

She transformed an unfortunate experience into an opportunity for me to gain courage and grow as a human being. And, miracle of all miracles – due to her keen measures – the entire process was swift.

Her brand is a rare, rare blend of exceptional talent and enormous heart. It is my sincerest honor to recommend Liat – she is a credit to her profession.

Holger B.

Divorce: One of the most stressful live events anyone can experience.

I tried it the DIY way: “Yeah, I just fill out this form here, and then submit this other form, get that signature, pay something here… get a form back from the court because i forgot something, re-submit, go back to the court, wait in line, stare out of the window… slowly losing my mind… ”

I tried it the cheap way: “Yeah, I just give $200 to ‘MyDivorcePapers . com’ and spend several nights filling out hundreds of website data, print the stuff out and then what?!?!? What shall i do with all this stuff that makes no sense anymore? What is this checkbox for, that contradicts this other checkbox? What do I need to send out first and then last ?!?!?!?”

I tried it the paralegal way: “Yeah, I just hire this paralegal for $1500 and it’s all okey dokey… ” 1 month later I call her: “So, where are we?” She:”Who are you?!?!”

At that point I started losing my mind and my soon to be 2nd wife almost lost it completely.

I needed the cavalry to come over the sunrise filled hill – I needed a professional! So I call my lawyer friend to ask if he has a reference and he referred me to one: Liat.

Don’t fool yourself. Divorce – unlike marriage – is something for professionals. There is no way around it (unless you consider suicide an option – which is not professional).

Liat took me on and I immediatly felt at ease. She understood my current situation and my goal. She laid out a plan, executed it, kept me on track and in the loop – job done.

I couldn’t have asked for anyone better than Liat to represent me and my case.

Trust me – you want her in your corner!

Maraya H.

Liat has that rare combination — acute intelligence, intuitive insight, emotional intelligence, and human compassion. When you hand a heart-rending issue like child custody or property division over to a person like Liat, you can feel confident that she will clearly communicate your options, gently disabuse you of your misconceptions, and lead you to the best solution for your family.Our families, our strength and base, are at issue here and I would trust no one else to advocate for me in this vulnerable area. In fact, after she provided me valuable guidance about a delicate family situation, my son consulted with her and she clearly advised him of his options. I would trust my son to no one else.

Rebekah J.

Liat is Amazing!!!!! I’m so thankful that I found her to help me with my divorce! It was incredibly stressful and scary to go thru this process, especially with two little ones, but she has given me the support and confidence that I need. She is extremely intelligent, level-headed, supportive, and reasonable! I was anxious in the beginning thinking that I would have to go to court, but she gave me the peace of mind that I needed to get thru it and not be anxious. I would highly recommend her to anyone going thru this difficult process. I am so thankful that I found her to represent me.

Kate T.

Liat is simply exceptional and I recommend her wholeheartedly. She navigated me through my divorce with professionalism, knowledge, and compassion.

In my case, my ex-husband and I began the divorce process with a mediator–hoping not to have to hire lawyers. As we progressed, complications arose and it became clear we should each hire our own attorney. Liat was on a very short list of referrals from my mediator. I chose her somewhat randomly but knew the first time we spoke on the phone that she was who I wanted to retain.

I did retain Liat, asking her to expedite the divorce process. We went through some very difficult weeks of negotiation with my ex-husband, all while dealing with a Judge Pro Tem motion to make sure the divorce would be finalized in record speed. Not an easy task–especially since we have two young children. But Liat found a way–negotiating with my ex-husband’s attorney, patiently explaining to me where we were in the process, and making important, well-researched recommendations. She advised me day-to-day, always taking care to listen to my concerns and explain the next step.

Liat was a true advocate for me as a client. She got to know me, and was able to help me through the most difficult times. Every single legal issue that came up, she explained to me in detail. She both respected my wishes as a client, and also advised me stringently when I felt like just getting it all over and done with. Exactly the representation I needed.

Liat is an exceptional attorney. Wise, proactive, very knowledgable about the relevant law. She is also a pleasure to work with and be around. She is witty and smart and kind and a joy to talk to. She’s clearly committed to her work. She advocates passionately for her clients. Quite honestly, it’s difficult to imagine how much harder the process would have been without her as my attorney.

Hiring a divorce attorney always means that times are difficult. To have an advocate like Liat is the silver lining. I feel very lucky to have found her to help me with my divorce. I also feel lucky to have met her. Professional support by a brilliant attorney plus the “bedside manner” I needed in a very difficult time.

Emily G.

I attended law school with Liat, and have since known her as a friend and colleague. I can attest to her as an excellent attorney of integrity, compassion, and dedication. Liat is a tenacious advocate for her clients– she will always fight for the best result in each and every situation. I greatly respect Liat as a person and as an attorney, and would unhesitatingly entrust her with any family law matter. She represents her clients with aplomb and is truly an exceptional attorney in her field.

Cristabel L.

Liat is amazing. She is both incredibly knowledgable and effective as an attorney but also very warm and compassionate. This trait can be really important when one is going through a difficult divorce. She goes above and beyond in a major way, as evidenced by a recent unrelated scare during which she made herself available to me, consulted with other attorneys in that field of law, and helped me to remain calm. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone dealing with the difficult and complicated field of family law.

Matt L.

Liat is not only a very smart and talented attorney, but a kind and compassionate person. It says quite a lot that I’m writing a positive review of an attorney at all.

Liat is not one of those attorneys who pushes all the work onto the other side and bills you for God only knows what. She can be extremely aggressive, but she’s also not caught up with being so aggressive that she’ll burn bridges and ruin your case by pissing everyone off.

She is extremely smart. Wicked smart. You want her helping you come up with a plan. She is one of the most kind-hearted people I know. She just fucking rules.

Divorce is a living hell. There’s just no way around it. With all the suffering you have to go through, it’s nice to know that you’re not wasting your time or money with your attorney who isn’t up to it.

I honestly see what Liat does as a community service. We are very lucky that she’s out there helping people. I can’t recommend her enough.

Lucy M.

I couldn’t agree more with all the wonderful things said about Liat in the previous reviews. With whatever personal trial you are going through, you will want someone like Liat to see you through it.

From the moment I walked into Liat’s office and met her, I knew she was Team Lucy and she easily earned my trust. She is down to earth and supportive, as well as extremely intelligent, professional and thorough. She is organized, communicates well and is clear about what options are available.

I highly recommend Liat if you want to work with someone who will have your back, is personable and has a calm demeanor, and has your best interest at stake and will stop at nothing to achieve the best result possible for you.


Liat helped me with a hard child custody case. The case was hard partly because events kept changing with the other parent from one court date to the next. Liat is extremely organized and she was somehow able to keep everything straight for me. At times it was very hard emotionally and I felt like giving up, but Liat helped me stay focused. With her help, I got the best outcome I could have hoped for. I am truly grateful I had her on my team. She is smart, articulate, cool under pressure, and very funny, which helped me get through some of the worst moments. If I ever need help again, I will want to have Liat helping me.

Elizabeth H.

Liat is an amazing lawyer. She is the perfect combination of everything you need in a great lawyer. She is compassionate, passionate, knowledgable, strategic, she thinks outside of the box, she knows her stuff and is at the same time humble. She has a way of making things easy for me to understand while having the background to use the language needed to get through all the legal bureaucracy that is involved with the court system. The work she has done to fight for me and my son has been all I could ask for and much more. She has shown me there is such a thing as an honest lawyer who will fight for you with all she has. She has a spark that is rare to find in a person, especially in a lawyer. I trust her with my most dearest treasure, my son. You can feel secure in knowing when you hire Liat you are getting the best of the best!

Tommy H.

When my former employer disputed my unemployment benefits I needed help with the hearing and appeal process. I contacted Liat Weingart and I am so very glad that I did.

Ms. Weingart took care of everything. She successfully represented me in a difficult hearing. Ms. Weingart is very professional, dedicated and extremely knowledgeable. Because she cared, I was able to win back my unemployment benefit. I would highly recommend Ms. Weingart’s legal services. She is simply “THE BEST”!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anya S.

I am in the midst of a contentious divorce and custody battle. Liat Weingart was highly recommended to me by family friends as an attorney with solid experience in family law, including divorce, annulment, separation, property division, child custody, visitation, and alimony/spousal and child support. I was told that Liat just won a difficult international relocation custody case. I am impressed by Liat’s thoroughness, knowledge, and good will. Liat gave me several invaluable suggestions and understood how difficult divorce can be. She is a good strategist and very incisive as to whom she is dealing with as her client and her opponent.

Stella L.

Liat is a kind, compassionate and fierce ally. She’s committed to doing right by her clients, involved, engaged, kind and present. She’s super smart and willing to go the extra mile, thinks creatively and believes in creating the best outcome for families! An excellent attorney, anyone is lucky to have her on her side.

Lisa P.

Liat is a person that you definitely want on your side. It is always comforting to know that you have a person who genuinely cares about the outcome of your situation, who is there if you need questions answered, and who can reassure you during those anxiety provoking moments. Dealing with a legal matter can be a scary venture for those of us unfamiliar with how it all works, and Liat guided me through rough waters with the utmost of professionalism and compassion.


Having a right lawyer who has a great deal of legal experience makes a great difference in your life and your cases. Ms Liat is an excellent lawyer. I am really lucky to know Liat. I am extremely pleased with her approach to work, the level of her legal skill and knowledge. She is very professional and great to work with. She is a very attentive and compassionate listener, so I feel that she is spending all of her great efforts to help you the best way. Each time I call her or leave a message, she responds promptly that makes the case work perfectively and very fast. I am really happy that my case is in her good hands. I highly recommend Ms Liat if you need legal consultation and/or advocate. I am certain that she will defenitely help you get to the heart of the case and will also take good care of your case. In short, I trust that Liat is the best of the best lawyers in San Francisco.


“Liat is a person that you definitely want on your side. It is always comforting to know that you have a person who genuinely cares about the outcome of your situation, who is there if you need questions answered, and who can reassure you during those anxiety provoking moments. Dealing with a legal matter can be a scary venture for those of us unfamiliar with how it all works, and Liat guided me through rough waters with the utmost of professionalism and compassion.”


Liat is an excellent lawyer. What you see is what you get with Liat. She has a way of putting people at ease and is reassuring without sugarcoating it and telling the client what they want to hear. She is a great listener and she cares about her clients. I have never felt anything less than confident in Liat. I trusted her with my custody case, basically putting my life and even more importantly the fate of my daughter’s in her very capable hands. Liat is very, very smart. Her mind works lightening fast. With her innovative thinking she is on point with her questions and strategies. Liat makes herself available to her clients, making sure I was comfortable to contact her and always received a lightening fast answer to any question that arose. I trust Liat 100% with my case and would do so again without any hesitancy.

Tamara M.

“I cannot recommend Liat enough. She has an amazing personality combination which was exactly what I needed at the time of revisiting my child custody situation. A very sharp, smart, to the point and yet very compassionate person. I felt incredibly well taken care of, well guided and supported by someone who was in the driver’s seat when I couldn’t be. I recommend her wholeheartedly.”

Jason L.

“Going through a divorce, I had no idea where to start. I heard “get a mediator!” “don’t deal with lawyers” “do it yourself” and may others. I’m so glad I found Liat to help me through the process. She explained very clearly what to expect. I found her to be incredibly easy to work with, honest, and flexible. She didn’t push her services on me…she explained my options and let me decide. Very glad I decided to let her help.”