Audra K.

Posted on March 22, 2018

The circumstances leading me to Mrs. Sadler’s care were not of the warm-and-fuzzy variety. Emotionally, I was a complete code red : a tangle of devastation and pain. This was an incredibly vulnerable time in my life however, I didn’t want to be coddled. I needed sound council from someone who would be straight with me and take the reigns – stat.

Liat immediately garnered every ounce of my trust – she was an instantaneous advocate and anchor. There was no question my wellbeing was her top priority – i was not about billable hours – she honored my humanity.

Throughout, I was repeatedly impressed with her palpable brilliance, decisive nature, unflappable style and irrepressible energy. Working together was effortless due to her vast level of competency, discerning ability to communicate clearly and ever-present compassion.

She transformed an unfortunate experience into an opportunity for me to gain courage and grow as a human being. And, miracle of all miracles – due to her keen measures – the entire process was swift.

Her brand is a rare, rare blend of exceptional talent and enormous heart. It is my sincerest honor to recommend Liat – she is a credit to her profession.