Elizabeth H.

Posted on March 22, 2018

Liat is an amazing lawyer. She is the perfect combination of everything you need in a great lawyer. She is compassionate, passionate, knowledgable, strategic, she thinks outside of the box, she knows her stuff and is at the same time humble. She has a way of making things easy for me to understand while having the background to use the language needed to get through all the legal bureaucracy that is involved with the court system. The work she has done to fight for me and my son has been all I could ask for and much more. She has shown me there is such a thing as an honest lawyer who will fight for you with all she has. She has a spark that is rare to find in a person, especially in a lawyer. I trust her with my most dearest treasure, my son. You can feel secure in knowing when you hire Liat you are getting the best of the best!