Holger B.

Posted on March 22, 2018

Divorce: One of the most stressful live events anyone can experience.

I tried it the DIY way: “Yeah, I just fill out this form here, and then submit this other form, get that signature, pay something here… get a form back from the court because i forgot something, re-submit, go back to the court, wait in line, stare out of the window… slowly losing my mind… ”

I tried it the cheap way: “Yeah, I just give $200 to ‘MyDivorcePapers . com’ and spend several nights filling out hundreds of website data, print the stuff out and then what?!?!? What shall i do with all this stuff that makes no sense anymore? What is this checkbox for, that contradicts this other checkbox? What do I need to send out first and then last ?!?!?!?”

I tried it the paralegal way: “Yeah, I just hire this paralegal for $1500 and it’s all okey dokey… ” 1 month later I call her: “So, where are we?” She:”Who are you?!?!”

At that point I started losing my mind and my soon to be 2nd wife almost lost it completely.

I needed the cavalry to come over the sunrise filled hill – I needed a professional! So I call my lawyer friend to ask if he has a reference and he referred me to one: Liat.

Don’t fool yourself. Divorce – unlike marriage – is something for professionals. There is no way around it (unless you consider suicide an option – which is not professional).

Liat took me on and I immediatly felt at ease. She understood my current situation and my goal. She laid out a plan, executed it, kept me on track and in the loop – job done.

I couldn’t have asked for anyone better than Liat to represent me and my case.

Trust me – you want her in your corner!