Kate T.

Posted on March 22, 2018

Liat is simply exceptional and I recommend her wholeheartedly. She navigated me through my divorce with professionalism, knowledge, and compassion.

In my case, my ex-husband and I began the divorce process with a mediator–hoping not to have to hire lawyers. As we progressed, complications arose and it became clear we should each hire our own attorney. Liat was on a very short list of referrals from my mediator. I chose her somewhat randomly but knew the first time we spoke on the phone that she was who I wanted to retain.

I did retain Liat, asking her to expedite the divorce process. We went through some very difficult weeks of negotiation with my ex-husband, all while dealing with a Judge Pro Tem motion to make sure the divorce would be finalized in record speed. Not an easy task–especially since we have two young children. But Liat found a way–negotiating with my ex-husband’s attorney, patiently explaining to me where we were in the process, and making important, well-researched recommendations. She advised me day-to-day, always taking care to listen to my concerns and explain the next step.

Liat was a true advocate for me as a client. She got to know me, and was able to help me through the most difficult times. Every single legal issue that came up, she explained to me in detail. She both respected my wishes as a client, and also advised me stringently when I felt like just getting it all over and done with. Exactly the representation I needed.

Liat is an exceptional attorney. Wise, proactive, very knowledgable about the relevant law. She is also a pleasure to work with and be around. She is witty and smart and kind and a joy to talk to. She’s clearly committed to her work. She advocates passionately for her clients. Quite honestly, it’s difficult to imagine how much harder the process would have been without her as my attorney.

Hiring a divorce attorney always means that times are difficult. To have an advocate like Liat is the silver lining. I feel very lucky to have found her to help me with my divorce. I also feel lucky to have met her. Professional support by a brilliant attorney plus the “bedside manner” I needed in a very difficult time.